Landrecies Cemetery

In former times, the cemetery was located all around St-Pierre-St-Paul church, that is to say much closer to the center of the town. It was only moved to the Faubourg de France in the 18th and 19th centuries. Besides St-Roch chapel, some interesting tombs can be found : Ernest Amas, a famous Landrecian painter, and also general Lebrun's tomb. General Lebrun was a career soldier who was born in Landrecies in 1809 and who died in Paris in 1889. He received the Légion d'Honneur medal.

On Lebrun's tomb, his most famous campaigns have been written : Africa 1840-1856 ; Italy 1859 ; Malakoff 1855 ; Bazeilles 1870.................................................Windsor's tomb


In Landrecies cemetery you can also find the earl of Windsorville's tomb. He was killed in the Faubourg du Quesnoy on August 25th 1914 with 22 other British soldiers. He was born in 1890, was the third son of the earl of Plymouth and so was a close relative of the Queen of England.