Faubourg du Quesnoy (or Faubourg Soyères)

The Faubourg du Quesnoy ("Quesnoy's Suburb") is scattered along Grand'Rue Street in the north-west of Landrecies. It was named this way because this road leads to a nearby town called Le Quesnoy. In the background, you can see a bridge leading to Lower Town.

The origin of the second name of this suburb, "Soyères", is quite controversial. It can be argued that this word comes from the medieval word "seuwière" which means "aqueduct". Indeed an aqueduct was built there in the 14th century. Some other people try to make a connection with the "scieurs" (sawyers) of the Mormal Forest, since this forest had to be cleared to build this neighborhood. The last hypothesis deals with a man called Sohier, lord of Enghien. He was put to death at Le Quesnoy in the 14th century during a conflict with the lords of Hainaut. In other words all of this is still very debatable.

Le Quesnoy's gate

The Faubourg du Quesnoy is located on a little hill, and so it became a highly strategic place for soldiers throughout the centuries. A lot of battles happened there, like the one for the liberation of Landrecies in 1918. Before the destruction of the ramparts, this suburb led to one of the two gates of Landrecies : "Porte du Quesnoy" (Le Quesnoy's gate).