Dupleix High School (1969)

Dupleix features a huge playground

After having spent three years in Gérard Philipe primary school, most of the Landrecian youth is to spend seven other years in this institution, which serves both as a middle and a high school. In Dupleix middle school you can find pupils from all over the canton, but high school students come from even further away (for example from Aulnoye-Aymeries, some 15 miles northeast) . So basically that's why this school is so big and so populated : on average, there are about 1,000 students in Dupleix, that is to say almost one fourth of the total Landrecian population !


Although the three main buildings of the school are terribly heavy-looking (they were built in the careless 60s), this institution is well-known in the neighborhood for its safety and for its high academic achievements. The students who graduate from Dupleix usually have good results at the French baccalauréat, and in fact they often get better grades than the students of nearby middle-sized cities, like Maubeuge, Avesnes or Valenciennes. André Comte-Sponville, who is now a very reputed French philosopher teaching at La Sorbonne in Paris, actually started his career at Landrecies High School in the 70s.

Physical education on a chilly morning for these middle school pupils !