La Folie (hamlet)

La Folie hamlet is located in a swampy area on the right bank of the Sambre river. Since the Middle-Ages, a lot of trees have been planted in order to pump all of this water, especially birches and poplars. The sound of the wind in the leaves was nicknamed "Foliée" by the inhabitants of the hamlet, and eventually this name was used to refer to the hamlet itself. Later, "Foliée" was turned into "Folie", which means "craziness" !

Le pont enjambant la Rivièrette, à la limite du hameau

The hamlet is crossed by a tiny tributary of the Sambre river, the Rivièrette ("little river"). This river isn't really impressive, and yet... In 1670, a sudden rise in its water level compelled the French king Louis XIV to stop one of his travels for two days ! The king was forced to spend a night in a nearby farm which was renamed "Le Louvre" thereafter (!).